Interesting Facts about Toyota

20 Interesting Facts about Toyota

Everyone knows the name Toyota. The Japanese auto manufacturer is one of the leaders of automobile industry. Toyota produces vehicles of superior quality and reliability.

1. The famous Japanese automaker started its journey to worldwide recognition in 1933, when Toyoda Automatic Loom Work Ltd. opened its car manufacturing division. By the way, before becoming an automobile giant, the company produced sewing machines.

2. The name Toyota is derived from the famous Japanese family name Toyoda, the founder of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd. The change was made simply because Toyota sounds better as a company name.

3. Toyota’s latest catchphrase “Always a better way” is the history of the automaker, told in just three words.

4. Toyota Corolla is the best-selling nameplate in the world. In total, more than 40 million cars have been produced over 11 generations!

5. The Japanese automaker produced its very first passenger car back in 1935. The first vehicle entered the market under the name of Model A1, which was later changed to Model AA. Simultaneously, the company was developing its first truck, which later was given a name Model G1. The next year, in 1936 the Japanese car manufacturer started its foreign expansion: the first shipment of Model G1 trucks (four in total) was sent to China.

6. The Passionate Pursuit of Potential is the slogan of the luxury division of Toyota, which bears the name Lexus. The division has existed since 1983. Initially, the cars under the Lexus brand were intended only for the US market, but currently they are almost as popular as automobiles under the Toyota brand.

7. Nowadays, Toyota Motor Corporation is the world’s second-largest automotive manufacturer and the largest company in Japan. The top automobile manufacturer produces more than 5,000,000 cars per year. Toyota Group unites many different companies both related to automotive industry and those focused on developing other areas.

8. Since 2002, Toyota has been participating in the most prestigious racing competition – Formula-1.

9. The automobile brands currently owned by Toyota include Lexus, Scion, Daihatsu, Hino Motors, Subaru (FHI 8.9%), Isuzu (5.9%).

10. In 1999, Toyota reported the production of its 100-millionth vehicle.

11. The Toyota emblem was created in October 1989. It consists of three ovals: two perpendicular ovals in the center symbolize a strong relationship between the customer and the company. The combination of these ovals symbolizes the letter “T” – the first letter in the word “Toyota”. The space, which serves as a background, embodies the idea of ​​the global expansion of Toyota technology and its unlimited potential in the future. In 2014, in Krasnoyarsk, a Russian city, 1416 cars formed the biggest Toyota logo getting into the Guinness World Records book. As you may have already guessed, only Toyota cars were used in this installation.

12. In 1951, the Japanese car manufacturer launched a series of four-wheel-drive vehicles under the name Land Cruiser. It is now Toyota’s longest running series.

13. In 1965, Toyota produced more than 50 thousand vehicles under the Land Cruiser brand. The same year Land Cruiser became the best-selling car in the United States.

14. In the International Engine of the Year Awards Toyota got the third result in the number of victories. Only BMW and Volkswagen received more titles.

15. It’s time for a little quiz. What is the biggest SUV, built by Toyota? Is it the Land Cruiser? No. Maybe it is Sequoia. Still wrong. Actually, the biggest Toyota SUV is a little-known vehicle Toyota Mega Cruiser, built in 1995 on military request. The model even had a civilian version.

16. In 2012, The Toyota Tundra was used as a towing vehicle for a space shuttle weighing 68 tons. Toyota Tundra pickup in standard configuration delivered an obsolete space shuttle to its final destination – an honorary parking spot near the scientific center in Los Angeles.

17. The Toyota Celica was launched in 1970. It became the first mass-produced sports car by Toyota, winning the hearts of car enthusiasts throughout world. The car participated in the World Rally Championship and won it many times. Toyota ended its production in 2006, having launched the seventh generation.

18. The Toyota Prius is a hybrid car released in 1997. This modest-looking vehicle is responsible for one of the most significant victories of Toyota on the world automobile market. The Toyota Prius holds the record as the best-selling hybrid car in the world. The Japanese company sold more than four million Priuses. In 2015, Toyota presented the fourth generation of the model during the Las Vegas Auto Show.

19. The motorsports division of Toyota, which operates under the name of Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG), is based in Cologne, Germany. In 2012, the division made a gift to all car enthusiasts and Toyota aficionados by presenting a motorsports version of the company’s flagship model Lexus LS. You cannot go wrong by taking a best-seller car and giving it motorsports performance. The five-meter-long sedan, with a total mass of 2050 kilograms can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 320 kilometers per hour. The motorsports version of Lexus LS is the fastest luxury car in the world.

20. Currently, the newest Toyota assembly line produces a new car every 5 seconds! Throughout the most of human history, such a fascinating productivity was associated with far future or science fiction.