What are the F1 drivers drinking?

How and what Formula 1 drivers drink

In this weekend at the Malaysian Grand Prix, racers expected serious test: dehydration! In the high-tech world of Formula 1 millions spent on it to create a fast car, but the issue with the consumption of liquid settled amazingly simple. In each car the system of drinking for racers is installed, which is not more complicated than the primitive glass washers in a conventional car.

In hot and humid Malaysia racers have to challenge. Because of the heat from the engine and electronics, which is packed with the car, the temperature in the cockpit is more than 50°. But the racers come to the start of the fire-resistant overalls and underwear, which means that they sweat, and sweat profusely. Pilots lose about two kilograms per race, and in combination with the heat it can not only lead to loss of concentration, but also to loss of consciousness.

Drinking system helps to racer to maintain the level of body fluids during the race. It is a bag of water, fitted on the side wall of the cockpit. In order the driver did not start to drink water by mistake, the system is equipped with a small pump. This is not some kind of carbon or titanium pump, most teams use a simple pump, similar to washers in a road car. The pump and the bag through a long tube connected with the helmet of the racer. The wheel has a button “drink”, by pressing on which triggers the pump and the racer can take a sip of water. Racers prefer to drink almost every lap, they usually do it on the long straights.

Despite of the fact that before the start of the race the pilots prefer to drink as much as possible isotonic drinks, at the time of the Grand Prix, they consume up to 1.5 liters of liquid. There is no need to drink more, because the body needs just to restore lost liquids. Abundant hydration process begins even before the start of the weekend and the physiotherapist of the racer should always carry a bottle of drink.

Drinks depend on the preferences of sportsmen but almost always this is not cold water but based on a highly concentrated solution of glucose, rich in vitamins and minerals to keep in tone the immune system and blood chemistry. Water is not the best choice, because it is not as effective as an isotonic drink (unlike water, it allows you to restore the loss of important minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, sodium, chlorine, magnesium and phosphorus). Despite the fact that the body of the racer should be cool, a beverage which they drink, do not remain cold during the race. It warmed up during the race and begins to taste like warm tea.

Of course, which enters the body, should go out of it; racers commonplace run to the toilet on the eve of the race. But some pilots prefer to do it sitting in the cockpit waiting for the start of the race. Formed puddle under the bottom of the car can confuse an non-experienced mechanic, who believes that it is leaking from the car. One of the favorite jokes of experienced mechanics – ask their younger counterparts to find the cause of the leak.