Facts about Nascar cars specifications

Interesting Facts about Nascar Cars Specifications You Didn’t Know

NASCAR is the spectator sport in America that gets the most people to come to its events. You will see over 200,00 people come to Dayton for the biggest race of the year, and you will watch this circuit go from one track to another with cars that are very hard to drive, drivers who are in danger, and teams that are building these cars all during the season. Each of the tips below is a lot of fun to learn because you will see something that makes you think NASCAR might be a little bit more sophisticated than you

How Many Horsepower Do Nascar Vehicle Have?
NASCAR vehicles run at about 1000 hp during a race. Of course, these cars are not using all that horsepower at the same time, but the car has the capability of going over 200 mph even though the car can weigh 3450 pounds. This weight limit was set in stone to ensure an even playing field, and the cars are designed to churn out that much power with that weight to be carried.

How Much Does A Nascar Tire Weigh?
The tires on a NASCAR car weigh 50 pounds each, and someone has to push them and carry them to the pits for all the changes. The people who are changing these tires are chucking around these tires like they weigh nothing, and that is because the men who work on pits crews are in very good physical condition. These tires are included in the weight limit for the car, and that means 200 pounds of the car is tires alone.

How Many Quarts Of Oil In A Nascar Car?
Your standard NASCAR vehicle uses three times as much oil as you would find in a standard road car. Because these cars are based on standard road cars, they are running a system that is similar to a road car. However, there is a lot more oil needed because the engine is so powerful. The three times as much oil as inserted into the car before the race, and it has to be replaced if the line is cut or a leak happens.

What Kind Of Oil Does Nascar Use?
Mobil 1 is currently the official motor oil of NASCAR, but the oils that have been used over the years change from time to time. It is important to remember that the oil must take the stresses and strains of an engine that cranks out 1000 hp, and it is also important to note that these oils have actually been made specifically for this purpose. That means that someone who uses Mobile 1 in their road car gets the same protection as a NASCAR race car.

How Many Gears Does A Nascar Car Have?
There are only four gears in a NASCAR car, but that is a very important distinction because they do not use synchros in these cars. You can change gear any time you want as long as you match the road speed. If you consider that, you will realize that the drivers have to have an incredible feel for the car. You cannot drive on this level and not understand the feeling the car gives you when you are ready to change gear, and it shows you that they are not always driving with the throttle wide open.

What Kind Of Transmission Does Nascar Use?
The transmission in a NASCAR car is a four speed manual. However, as mentioned above, you do not have to use a clutch. There is no need for the drivers to do the regular gear changes in your road car. You will change the gears when you have the road speed matched. That means that the drivers have to drive on feel alone. They do not even get to have that gauge in the car. They have do that all based on the sound and feel of the car.

How Fast Does A Nascar Car Go?
The cars top out at around 200 mph, but they could go much faster if they were not restricted. Standard qualifying times in this sport are around 190 mph, and you will find they are slower on tracks that are much shorter because the corners come up much faster. If you are comparing these cars to Formula One, remember that a Formula One car weighs less than your patio heater. A NASCAR car weighs one and three-quarter tons. This means that you are going 200 mph in a car that is the same weight as your road car which was not made for racing.

How Big Are Nascar Engines?
The cars are the same size as your four door sedan. You can go out in the your driveway and look at the car that you have, and you will find that the NASCAR car looks just like that. It only has two windows because there are no doors, but it is the same length as the road car it is based on. Someone who drives for Ford will drive their version of the Taurus, and it is the same length as that Taurus. The engine on the inside is a modified version of the engine you get in that car that is limited to 5.8 liters. For comparison, your 12 passenger van probably has a similar engine.

What Kind Of Engines Do Nascar Cars Have?
The 5.8 liter engine in a NASCAR car is a pushrod V8.

What Are The Specs On A Nascar Engine?
The engines are pushrod V8s limited to 5.8 liters. There are many other rules that must be followed to control their power, but the basic engine is a 5.8 liter V8.

What Kind Of Fuel Does Nascar Use?
A specially modified racing fuel is used. In NASCAR cars that mirrors the unleaded fuel you put in your car. This fuel is purer and has been made just for racing engines by the refinery.

What Octane Does Nascar Use?
Specially formulated 98 octane fuel from the sponsoring company of every team is used in every NASCAR car.

How Much Does A Nascar Gas Can Weigh?
The NASCAR gas can is 22 gallons and weighs 94 pounds.

How Long Does A Nascar Engine Last?
Technically, a NASCAR engine only lasts one race because it needs to be serviced and rebuilt between races. However, that version of the engine is to last the whole season. Changes are made every year, and those changes are incorporated in the new versions of the engines every season.